The Other Sage

I wasn’t always a romance writer…I was nearly 60 years old when I wrote my first novel.

So obviously, I’ve done a few other things in my life, and here are some of them.

But just to keep you on your toes, one of these is a lie, the rest are true:

  • I taught classes at Stanford University.
       (The subject was computer graphics)
  • I paddled naked down the Swani River.
       (I did it in 1980)
  • I am a vaccine safety activist.
       (I work for the NVIC)
  • I am a man.
       (My real name is Steve Rubin)
  • I have a pilot’s license.
       (I got it in 1976)
  • I speak six languages fluently.
       (Okay, this is a lie)
  • I am a minister and have married two couples.
       (Both couples are still married)
  • I wrote a computer program 30 years ago that is still used today.
       (It helps design integrated circuit chips)
  • I was lead singer of a rock band that opened for the Rolling Stones.
       (Although the Stones didn’t know it at the time)